How was interning at TMP?

By Cheyenne Culp, Fall Intern, 2018

Having worked at multiple firms before, I was expecting the same experience, but with different people. This was definitely not the case with TMP. From my first day, all the way to my last, they made me feel like a member of the team, not as a replaceable intern. I was put on projects that aligned with what I wanted to focus on during my time there, and even worked on other facets I have no experience in, which helped broaden my knowledge of the field.

Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and would take their time to explain what they were looking for and to make sure I understood what I was doing. Not only does TMP care about the quality of the work, they care about the persons doing the work. There were always events going on around the office to get everyone engaged and lighten morale. This was a great way to make me feel included and like I belonged.

TMP was an amazing experience and I am so grateful of the opportunity they gave me.