Interior spaces create the first impression upon entering a building.  At TMP, whether we are designing a large scale public lobby in a university student center or an intimate hospital patient room, our interior designers work closely with our architects to bring together architectural details and finishes that allow a project to stand apart. We believe that interior design is an integral part of a holistic architectural design process that seeks to shape and define the user experience.

TMPartners’ architects and designers work closely with clients to discern and develop a vision for a project’s interior spaces. They offer a variety of fresh ideas and solutions to help clients achieve the desired intention for their projects.  In addition to space planning, our designers develop and coordinate unique architectural features, ceiling elements, lighting (natural, direct and indirect), interior finishes, and floor patterns.  Moreover, our designers select ergonomic furniture, artwork and signage depending on the project scope.  These combined factors work together to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.