Brentwood Commons

The Brentwood Commons design includes three new buildings on the existing Brentwood Commons campus located at the corner of Old Hickory Boulevard and American General Way.

Building III
While the floor plan design is consistent with the client’s prototypical standards, modifications were made at the lobby level to conform to site-specific conditions. The exterior skin of the office building consists primarily of precast and glass, complementing the language of the existing buildings on campus with a modern aesthetic. Sleek edges, updated proportions and smooth finishes give the building a polished look.

The parking deck accommodates 788 vehicles and lies on the site as a low, long mass allowing the office buildings to be the dominant campus features. The stair towers are clad in glass giving them visual prominence for users and encourages their use for a healthy, walkable workplace environment.

Building IV
The second phase of the project is an eight-story high rise office consisting of four floors of office at 120,000 square feet atop a 4-tier parking deck. The materials are primarily precast concrete, glass, and aluminum-composite metal (ACM) panel. The interior programmatic elements are expressed through material change on the exterior. The lobby, while removed from the office component, is connected visually through the use of an ACM panel element that spans the height of the building. Materials and design aesthetic is in the same language as Brentwood Commons III, but with the intent of not being a twin, but rather a “cousin” that fits within the overall character of the Brentwood Commons development and has its own unique identity.

The 400-space parking deck is expressed with similar materials to the office building, but with a different finish. The use of banker-wire mesh screens helps to blur the sight-line of parked cars and adds visual interest. There is an entrance/exit on tiers 1 and 3 which provides flexibility and reduces queuing at peak hours.

Thoughtful consideration was given to both the tenant and visitor experiences on building arrival as well as pedestrian connectivity on campus with buildings I, II, and III as well as adjacent office and retail development.


Gateway Popular, Inc.

Development Manager: Boyle Investment Company


Brentwood, TN

Square Feet

Building III (office): 130,000
Structured Parking: 3 tiers, 788 spaces
Building IV (office): 120,000
Building IV (structured parking): 4 tiers, 400 spaces

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“Doing a project with TMP is like taking a film class and then trying to watch your favorite movie again. You will never look at things the same.”
-Ned Munson, Boyle Investment Company
Key Project Staff
Adam Vanhooser

Senior Project Architect

JP Cowan

Commercial Practice Leader

Tim Yoko

Senior Project Manager