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Northwest Medical Center Marana

The Northwest Emergency Center at Marana is a new construction prototype design located in Marana, the northwest section of the Tucson Metropolitan area.  Marana is a fast growing community with high demand and an underserved population. Prior to the completion of this project, residents of Marana were located a minimum of 25 minutes from medical care.  The new compact, freestanding emergency department provides walk-in and ambulance admissions served by a 24-hour hospital staff for convenient, easily accessible medical care in the Marana community of Tucson, Arizona.

Key aspects of the project include:

  • Entrance and Ambulance Canopies with Vestibule
  • Waiting, Reception, and Triage
  • Results Sub-Waiting
  • Nurse Station
  • Trauma Room
  • 12 Exam Rooms (Including 7 Standard, 1 Large, 1 Bariatric, 1 Isolation, 1 Pediatric, and 1 Secure Exam)
  • Decontamination
  • Laboratory
  • Rad and CT
  • Staff Lounge, Offices, and Support Spaces


Northwest Medical Center Marana


Tucson, Arizona

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Key Project Staff
Drew Underwood

Healthcare Production Leader

Jim Pareigis

Senior Project Manager

Kendra Winbush

Project Designer