Summer Intern Announcement

We are excited to finally introduce our Summer Intern, Jaelynn TIbbits from the University of Cincinnati!  She’s been brave starting out with us remotely from Cincinnati, learning on-the-job has taken on a whole new meaning.  She has jumped right in with our healthcare practice, and even taken on some marketing tasks.  We are so grateful to have her on our team, even from far away!

Jaelynn Fast Facts:

Why do you love architecture?

I love the opportunity architecture provides to use design to improve everyday function and experience for people in so many different ways.

What are you excited about learning with TMP?

I look forward to learning more of the ins and outs of healthcare architecture, and (hopefully!) getting to visit some construction sites to get a better sense of the transition from drawing to reality.

What do you think is the most challenging thing ahead this summer?

It will be a challenge to learn how to communicate and adjust to a new office environment remotely, where it is a lot harder to get to know those in the office that I do not work with directly.

How do you think COVID-19 will change design/arch/your work?

I think a big change that will come as a result of COVID-19 will be in the design and use of offices. As people learn that they can work from home, there will be a lot less demand for individual workspaces, and instead more focus on collaborative spaces for important meetings and presentations.

Fun Fact

I am almost always listening to music, and I love experiencing it live – I have been to more than 30 concerts in my life.

Welcome to the team Jaelynn and we can’t wait to have you in Nashville!