West Nashville Police Precinct

Working within aggressive budget constraints, the challenge for this project was to retrofit an abandoned car dealership to become a modern police station. The program required extensive security considerations, information technology, and equipment infrastructure. In addition to the precinct programming, the building includes public civic space, providing a 2,000 ft² Community Room, to be used for neighborhood meetings and events.

The new building establishes an inviting civic presence where there was once an abandoned eyesore, bringing together residents and businesses and stirring a renewed pride in the neighborhood.

Key aspects of the design include:

  • Project is LEED Gold Certified
  • A new façade on the previously unoccupied, dilapidated building, incorporating a contemporary mix of glass, metal panel and wood elements.
  • An inviting outdoor space fronting West Nashville’s busy commercial corridor with a broad terrace, ample seating, and generous landscaping.
  • Sustainable design features including drought resistant landscaping, storm water runoff management, a public car-charging station, recycled content, use of low VOC materials, and installation of a reflective white roof.
  • Because the building was damaged in the historic flood of 2010, the final floor elevation was established above the flood waterline using recycled crushed concrete aggregate as fil.


Messer Construction Company


Nashville, TN

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Design Services



Key Project Staff
Heather Carlson

Senior Interior Designer

Jeff Earwood

Government/Civic Practice Leader