Canteen on Carothers

Canteen on Carothers showcases the next generation of suburban mixed-use developments, adding value to office environments while creating a must-visit destination for the community. As the corporate environment has changed in the wake of COVID-19, Canteen on Carothers elevates the new environment, providing walkability, flexibility, and amenities that make a day at the office more than just a day at the office. This is important for owners as well, offering additional perks for future office tenants and the opportunity to increase rent.

Envisioned by Stockbridge Capital, the development includes six buildings compromising 28,000 square feet of restaurant and retail on the Corporate Centre campus. Adjacent to the office, a 600-car, four-tier parking deck offers covered parking with design elements as a value-add to the office and necessary parking for added users of the site.

A significant placemaking project, Canteen features lots of open outdoor space, a central lawn, and a partially covered open structure for events. The courtyard includes a water feature and other small green spaces, and spots for the perfect selfie, creating an intentionally fun and seredipitous place. Canteen’s buildings are single-story, with the anchor corner designated for a restaurant with a high bay, clerestory windows, and the idea of what once may have been a warehouse space adapted for current use. Exterior materials include masonry and some metal, with the design aesthetic being clean and modern with a slightly industrial-chic vibe.


Stockbridge Capital Group

Cushman & Wakefield


Franklin, Tennessee

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