Advent Health - Ocala Emergency Department

New ownership sparked a redesign during the middle of Phase 1 construction to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. The new design increased total room capacity and maximized private exam rooms to provide a better patient experience and reduce wait times from door to treatment. The reimagined layout utilizes a racetrack design with Nurse Stations centrally located and on either end of the department. The parking lot originally designed for patient use has been turned into a valet lot so patients can drop their car off at the walk in canopy.

This project required site area improvements to accommodate the renovation that expanded the footprint by approximately 4,000 square feet. The front entrance expansion encroached on a city-owned road, requiring additional approvals.

We teamed with the general contractor to simplify the redesign process, saving on construction time by eliminating a phase of construction while simultaneously preventing work from stopping during construction. Our team managed the city road work as well, alleviating the burden of city codes and permits from the client.


Advent Health


Ocala, Florida

Square Feet

26,750 SF

Design Services


Interior Design

Key Project Staff
Celeste Mize

Interior Designer

Drew Underwood

Healthcare Production Leader